* Availability subject to change
* Price from $150 and up for medium purses and $125 and up for small
purse. New Bucket style $175
Medium & Bucket purses includes a removable liner, two western
conchos on the front and back, beaded jewelry dangle closure and
belt strap handle. All accessories above are inter-changable making
each purse unique and easy to change up the look or design!!

**I have a large inventory of boots that have not been cut yet. If you
have a color preference I can work with you to make your customized
boot purse

Last Updated 12/2012
Chocolate brown Tony Lama boots
Medium marble brown Dan Post Boots with
Medium black Abilene boots
Vintage Nocona Brown boots
Unique single brown custom boot
with a long chain strap
Small size Dan Post Brown boot with
black fringe with long over the
shoulder strap
Small envelope style Dan Post
cordova brown with chain strap
** Wine Holder** Dan Post Cordova
brown boot